Baby Shower Fun


I am now considered full term… 2 and 1/2 weeks left till  baby is due to arrive… The nervous energy is getting worse… I keep getting flashbacks of what labor was like with the other two… Braxton Hicks are a normal thing these days… My hospital bags are almost ready…

And… some very sweet friends thoroughly spoiled me and planned a baby shower for our little baby… Rebecca, Melissa, and Kim, yall are amazing!20180302_142845

It was last evening. It was fun catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a while and socializing, something I probably won’t get to do as much after baby is born. Three children will be a whole new world…

And the fun of opening gifts… I had my youngest, Dylan, with me and he was right there helping the whole time… I think he was enjoying himself as much as I was… I feel so undeserving and am amazed at how generous people are… this baby will be lacking nothing…IMG_20180302_121701_592 (1)

One of the ladies even thought to include a gift for Conner and Dylan… The first thing they did this morning was get their new trucks out and start playing with them. They were so busy playing I almost had to force feed them their breakfast…


I spent my morning going through the gifts and finding a spot for everything. I don’t know if you enjoy that kind of thing but I sure do. The excitement is mounting…20180301_224325

We are ready for you to arrive baby #3