Baby Boy # Three

The big day has come and gone. It is Saturday afternoon and we have been enjoying our baby for almost a week now.

Greyson Seth was born on Monday, March 19th at 12:39 pm.  He weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and he was 20.5″ long.  GreysonSeth3

No amount of trying this and trying that actually made me go into labor, that I know of. Walking may have made it happen earlier but I have no proof. I tried castor oil twice with no results other then miserable amounts of time in the restroom.

It was almost 3 o’ clock early Monday morning, one day from my due date, I had been waking up off and on feeling very warm and crampy. My Water broke without me having to get up.  After this happened I wasn’t completely convinced until it kept happening randomly a little at a time, I was making sure it was the real deal before I did anything. I woke Seth up and told him what was going on and I called mom to see what she thought I should do. She suggested just going back to sleep until something more started happening. Of course I was so wide awake at this point there was no hope of sleeping again. I decided to call the birthing center at the hospital and see what they thought I should do. We live an hour away from the hospital and I had tested positive for Group B Strep so they wanted me to come in right away. I called mom back, she had to drive over to my sister Becky’s house to get my sister Amy so she could stay at our place with the boys while we were gone. I told her it was no big hurry but to go ahead and start heading that way.

It was about an hour after my water broke that I started getting the first contractions. Mom had just gotten to my sister’s place when I called to let her know.  When they got to our place it was around 4 o’ clock and my contractions were steady but apparently still very painless, I didn’t think so at the time but compared to later they were a piece of cake.

It was nice driving to the hospital in the middle of the night. The roads were clear and we didn’t have to wait at very many traffic lights or anything. It was also nice being at the very beginning of labor while driving there. I had been picturing terrible unbearable pain in an uncomfortable vehicle in the middle of the day with lots of traffic.

When we got there they monitored me and the baby for about an hour before they admitted me. So it was probably after 6 in the morning before I was admitted.

And then the hours started dragging by. I had my last baby in about 3 hours so this was agony waiting and nothing seemed to be going faster. At about 9 o’ clock the midwife came in and asked me if I wanted to try some medication to speed things along. At that point I was almost mad that it was taking so long so I was ready for anything to make it happen. I asked her questions about Pitocin and she explained what it does and the possible risks. I hate anything unnatural so we decided to wait till lunch and try something then if things were still not moving along. Unnatural things, like the IV they put in my hand. I was dreading that almost more then the actual labor.

I was watching the clock, so I have times very well in my head. It was soon after 10 o’clock things started picking up. Up to this point I was still smiling and laughing between contractions and Seth was making phone calls and pacing back and forth. And he loved making jokes just before a contraction. It HURTS ,by the way, to laugh during a contraction. At the time, I was not impressed.

When contractions started picking up I finally started thinking about medications for pain, but I had in my birth plan for no one to ask me if I want anything so I was never asked and I just kept telling myself it would be over soon.

By 11:30 I was in tears half from the pain and half from feeling exhausted. I had been asking for the midwife probably about an hour before she finally came in and checked to see how far along I was. She had bad news, or so I thought. I was only dilated 8 to 9 cm and the baby was at 0 station. She asked me if I wanted to get in the tub, she was assuming it would still be awhile. I told her yes, so they started the water for a bath. I was sitting on the bed and decided to switch to the birthing ball while I wait for the tub. I guess the switch made something happen because I wasn’t going anywhere after that.

They got everything ready for the birth right there. Seth was behind me holding me up. He probably had almost as painful an experience or he likes to joke that he did. I was pushing on him with everything I had during contractions  and he said he had to sneeze and his nose was running from allergies ( fine time to forget your allergy medicine).

I think I was loud enough for every one on the floor to hear me. Seth said the midwife looked like she was tempted to cover my mouth with her hand to quiet me down. They moved me to a thing they called the birthing chair, it was very low to the floor and still had no back so Seth still had to support me.  That is where I was when Greyson was born at 12:39 pm. I had forgotten and already have forgotten again just how horribly painful it is. They handed him to me, I couldn’t believe it was over. Its hard to explain how hopeless it feels to get to ,It’s Over, He’s Here! and how amazing it feels to finally hold him in my arms.

A very healthy baby boy.

We were very excited to get our other two boys in to see their reactions to their baby brother, but we were not so lucky. Apparently because flu season was so bad this year no one under 18 years old was allowed in our room. They didn’t get to see their new little brother till we got home.

This week has been a whirlwind of baby appointments and taking care of our new little person. Its amazing how time can crawl by so slowly before the baby is born and then afterward you about don’t have time to catch your breath. We are enjoying having a baby in the house again.


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Baby Boy #Three