Mommy Self Care

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Self-Care Because You Need It

Realizing that, in order to be the best mom I can be, I need to take care of myself. Push away the guilt and realize that my health is important too.

*3 Tips for Good Mental Health*

1. Take that Bath.

SO yes showers are faster and more convenient. When everyone in the house needs mom and it all falls apart if you leave for more then 5 minutes. But, sometimes we just need some time to ourselves to recharge. Get your husband to agree to 30 minutes of watching the children while you unwind. 30 minutes a couple times a week is not too much to ask. If that doesn’t work then maybe it’ll work after everyone else is in bed for the night. Buy that extra bath bomb or epsom salt or whatever it is that makes that bath relaxing. Recover from your day of keeping children alive.

2. Spend Time with other Moms.

Find time to go out some evenings with other moms your age. Leave the children with a babysitter or your husband and go shopping, watch a movie, eat at a sit down restaurant, or just grab a quick coffee if you don’t have much time. Find things to do together and just be young and carefree again, if only for 1 evening. And,  don’t spend the whole evening talking about your kids.

3. Find a Hobby

This should be something that you can do during the day when you are in the middle of taking care of your children… when your brain just needs a break.  Mine is gardening at the moment. I love flower gardening the best. Flowers are just starting to come alive. I take all my children with me outside. The older ones can play in the sandbox or TRY to help me with whatever I’m working on. The baby can be in the stroller. This year my baby is young enough he still mostly sleeps the day away, so he is content while I’m busy ( for the most part). My brain definitely functions better on the days I’m outside with my flowers.

*3 Tips for Good Physical Health*

1. Eat Healthy Food

I failed this one big time right after I had my baby. He is now 6 weeks old and I am finally feeling in control again when it comes to what I eat. My weight was going up instead of down. I was sitting all day and eating junk food. I craved sugar filled things and lots of it and it was not only affecting my physical health but also by mental health. I kept telling myself I can’t control it anymore, I’m a failure. After much failing at turning it around in a single day I told myself to just be okay with cutting one bad thing out of my diet every day until its good. I’m finally to that point. And WOW do I feel a lot better.

2. Exercise

Walk or clean your house or find an exercise program that works for you and get moving.  As of right now, I’m walking/Jogging 5 days a week for 20 min. each day. The first day I did this after I had my baby I felt amazing. I could feel the sluggishness melting away. Now if I can just keep the memory of that in my head and keep this up.

3. Sleep

Getting enough rest will give you the energy you need to break up that fight for the 20th time or crawl into your sons pillow and blanket house and make his day.  Get to bed right after your nighttime bath. Don’t stay up and read that book or watch that movie. I almost always fall apart the next day when I try to get my me time in at night. Unless you are one of those lucky parents whose kids go to bed at 8 o’ clock.

All of these tips are just some of the things I aim for. Taking care of yourself is important if you want to be the best mom you can be. Remember, if mommy isn’t happy, no one is happy !!!

Mommy Self Care