DIY Cupcakes with kids

Last week I had a friend ask me to make some cupcakes for her upcoming graduation. Her graduation was a Friday evening so I had that morning and afternoon to get 75 cupcakes made and iced. I was looking forward to it and made sure I had everything ready to go for Friday morning.20180518_184700.jpg

I took this chance to video how it goes for a mom of three to do anything time consuming. Basically, you zone out when it starts getting rough, shut out the noise and keep going. My husband is always wondering how I can shut out the boys constant questions, I catch myself doing it without realizing. I guess it becomes somewhat of a habit. Something I need to work on.

Anyway, I started around 8 30 or so that morning while Greyson ( the baby) was still sleeping.

The idea of being in a video like this is a little scary, I’m definitely not used to it. I hope you enjoy.