Mommy Personality – 10 Tips For Self Esteem and Positive Thinking

How do you feel when you have spent an entire 5 days at home with only your children and husband for company ,the weekend comes and all of a sudden you have to be around other adults? It takes some effort doesn’t it? Personality Development is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  Feeling … [Read more…]

If I would Still Be Amish

Yesterday was an interesting day at our place. When I was a teenager I worked at a Bakery about an hour from here and some of my coworkers were Amish Girls. Yesterday I had most of them over to our place for the afternoon. They filled up this tiny home with 9 children, and themselves. … [Read more…]

Mommy Weight Issues

              My Weight When I was Younger Have you ever struggled with your body size, big or small, flat or curvy, … If you are older then 10 years old chances are you have… You for sure have if you are anything like me… Ever since I was 12 years old I’ve been on one … [Read more…]